What are my scaffolding rights for extensions?

When your home requires external repair or home improvement, you may require scaffolding for a certain period of time. It is important to get accustomed to your rights and obligations as a homeowner, when you need to build scaffolding on a neighbour’s land. In order to avoid angry disputes and threatening notes, you need to … Read more

Do I need scaffolding to fix my roof?

Do I need scaffolding to work on my roof? This was a recent question from Mike over at roofcosts.co.uk. If you’re thinking about fixing your roof, the first thing that might come to mind is whether you will need scaffolding or not. Before you make your decision, consider our five vital questions. 1. Are there … Read more

Scaffolding Safety Requirements

Scaffolding Safety Requirements UK Scaffolding, like all areas of construction in the UK, must adhere to specific safety requirements and regulations. This is particularly important as work is conducted at height and often near other occupied buildings, residential housing and public pathways. As a result, it’s important that people, materials and equipment all comply with … Read more

UK Scaffolding Regulations

UK Scaffolding Regulations UK scaffolding regulations boil down to one thing, safety. There are many rules and regulations in place to prevent injury from fall. So we thought we’d provide you with a handy checklist so that you never put a foot wrong. “Disclaimer: Whilst our information is gathered from reputable sources at the time … Read more

How to become a scaffolder

How to Become a Scaffolder Becoming a scaffolder is easier than you think. With more and more people choosing to opt for vocational jobs as opposed to further education there is no better time than now to put your hat in the ring. What does a scaffolder do? In a nutshell, scaffolders erect and dismantle … Read more