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How much does chimney scaffolding cost?

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Chimney scaffolding - all you need to know

Last Updated: 7th December 2021

What types of platforms can you use to access and work on a chimney?

Roofs and chimneys are not always the easiest places to access and safely work on. There is a range of options you can choose from to help you access the space, for example:

  • Scaffolding platforms
  • Roof access hatches
  • Ladders
  • Stair towers

Is scaffolding a requirement for chimney repairs?

Scaffolding is highly recommended for any project where you are working in places that cannot be easily or safely accessed without further assistance. Scaffolding provides a much safer working environment, by providing solid steps and panels whereby work can be conducted, as opposed to balancing on ladders and roofs to complete the work. They can also come with additional fencing and netting, which can further help prevent falls or damage. Scaffolding will also help you work more efficiently, provide you with better access and put you in better positions to work on in all corners and cracks. Scaffolding is only a temporary structure that is erected around your house and can be done by a professional. The safety and efficiency benefits far outweigh the costs.

Can you use any scaffolding platform for chimney work?

While general scaffolding platforms require a safe base to conduct work in higher places, you can obtain chimney scaffolding, which has been specifically designed for working on a chimney. If you have completed various construction jobs before, you may already be familiar with the significant advantages you gain by working with job specific equipment. This specific equipment allows you to quickly and safely reach the chimney and comes in handy when working with residential properties that have sloping roofs or awkward reaching chimneys. It does this by putting you in a strategic position, to better access the chimney, with a solid structure.

What can chimney scaffolding be used for?

Chimney scaffolding can be used for many reasons. Some of the most common is for inspecting chimneys, repairing chimneys, cleaning chimneys or relining chimneys.

What safety requirements do you need to know about?

Whether you work in construction or are thinking of obtaining scaffolding for a residential project, it is important to know the key safety requirements. The government introduced legislation in 2005 called the Work at Height Regulations, which apply to anyone who is at risk of falling and injuring themselves from working at height.

Firstly, it is important to ensure all aspects of the work and the scaffolding is adequately planned and organised in advance. It must also be carried out and supervised by the right people, who are responsible for their actions unless you are under contract by a company, then the responsibility falls on your employer.

All the equipment should be thoroughly inspected beforehand, and after being erected. The surfaces that the work is completed or near should also be thoroughly inspected.

Working at height should only be conducted where necessary, which is the case for chimney work. The legislation states that whoever is conducting the work, must continually review all the risks that are associated with the work, this includes before the work starts, and during, to prevent any injuries. For a better understanding of the safety requirements when working on chimneys, please refer to the current legislation. It may appear as common sense, but it is to ensure everyone involved stays safe and reduces injuries.

Is chimney scaffolding only available for commercial projects?

Chimney scaffolding is available for a range of projects, including both commercial and residential. If you have work to do on your personal property, you can hire scaffolders to come and erect the scaffolding for you.

How do you find scaffolding for chimneys?

It can be difficult to source a reputable scaffolding company for your work and can be costly and time-consuming if it is not sourced correctly. You can use specialist companies who will be able to provide you with the names of scaffolders in your local area, as well as provide you with a quote, to make the process much easier for you. Scaffolding costs will differ depending on what project you require it for, and who you choose to do your work. It is always advised to obtain a variety of quotes (at least 3) so you can get the best price to suit your budget, as well as the best quality of work. Scaffolding is not something you want to risk doing improperly.

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