How much do scaffolding towers cost to hire?

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Scaffolding Tower Hire Costs in the UK

Last Updated: November 2021

There’s not a simple answer when it comes to figuring out how much scaffolding tower costs and what you might pay for one. There is a list of elements and factors that go into figuring out scaffolding tower hire costs, and that will impact how much you’ll need to spend. Generally, you can expect to pay £20-£100 a week to hire a scaffolding tower.

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You may be hesitant to order one because you’re unsure of the cost and if you’re prepared to make such an investment. You want to make sure that it’ll be worth your money and that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. You’ve come to the right place to learn more about what a scaffolding tower is and how much you’ll need to invest in getting your hands on one. There’s a lot to consider, and that goes into the equation before you can determine exactly how much you’ll be spending.

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Why Scaffolding Towers?

There are several reasons why you may need to get access to a scaffolding structure. They’re used in both residential and commercial settings to help workers and homeowners complete projects that may be challenging to do without the use of a scaffolding tower.

Difference between General Scaffolding & Scaffolding Towers

First, it’s wise and helpful to realise that there’s a difference between general scaffolding and scaffolding towers. Traditional scaffolding is a temporary structure with walking boards and metal poles and can be difficult and cumbersome to set up. They’re labour-intensive and aren’t as easy to operate and maneuver around. The scaffolding towers, also referred to as mobile access towers, are quick and easy to put up, can be used inside and outside, and are cheaper to hire than the traditional structures. They’re a wonderful option because they aren’t complicated to use or put together and will allow you to reach difficult and high areas.

Preparing for your project

Before you take any action to reserve a scaffolding tower, it’s vital that you hash out the details of your upcoming project. Think through what you’re trying to accomplish, how long it’ll take you to complete, and come up with an estimated working budget. For example, maybe you’re repairing a roof, painting a house, or trying to reach difficult spaces.

Have a rough idea of how much you’re going to want to spend on your necessary equipment for completing your task in advance. Learn about scaffolding towers and get a better understanding of how to use them by watching tutorials online, so you’re ready to get to work when it arrives. Always take safety precautions and ensure that you’re using the structure correctly. Be glad to know that companies must comply with laws and regulations to ensure they’re selling you a safe structure that won’t fail on you.

Scaffolding Tower Costs

You’ll need to access the following factors to establish scaffolding tower costs.

How large is the structure?

You’ll want to have an idea of how large of a structure you’ll require to perform your project. It’s not shocking to hear that the higher and wider you need it to be, the more it’ll set you back financially. The size and height are probably the most significant indicators and influencers when it comes to how much one of these will cost you. Scaffolding towers can come in a range of heights and are very adaptable.

Number of walking levels

You also need to take into account the number of walking levels that will be suitable for what you’re trying to achieve. The number of levels you’ll need all depends on the work you’re doing. For example, painting and plastering will require multiple levels, while repairing a roof can be done by standing at one even level.

How long do you need the tower for?

Also, figure out ahead of time how long you think your project will take you to help you better gauge the scaffolding tower costs. It’s fair to say that most services will allow you to rent it out for six to eight weeks without any additional costs. However, make sure you discuss how much more it’s going to cost you per week if you require the structure for a longer period than what was originally agreed to.

Location considerations

Furthermore, take into account your location, any special requirements you have, and what material you prefer the scaffolding to be. The prices will vary by location and increase if you need any special parts or apparatuses for your work.

Receiving a scaffolding tower hire quote

When you’re ready to proceed forward with your project, you’re going to need to track down the right scaffolding tower for you. Scaffolding tower hire costs can vary, so it’s wise to get at least three quotes to compare prices and how long each company will allow you to use the structure. 

Compare prices from different vendors and see which possibilities are within your budget and area. All you have to do is hop online and click to get a free quote so you can begin narrowing down your options and get started on your project. Look for scaffolding firms near by that are willing to work with you or have special offers such as free delivery and a shorter minimum hire period if that’s what you want.

If you’re working with a contractor to complete your project, don’t assume you have to use their equipment. Understand that a contractor may try to get you to use their scaffolding tower and then bake it into the overall project cost and charge you more for it. Therefore, don’t be afraid to seek scaffolding towers out on your own and then reserve it for your project at a more reasonable cost. Hiring your own tower is one way to save you money and keep your costs down so you can stay within your overall budget.


A scaffolding tower can be a very useful and beneficial item to have when you’re ready to tackle a challenging house or commercial project. It’s wise to know the estimated scaffolding tower costs and what you’re getting into before you commit and hand over your hard-earned money. Having this new knowledge should make you feel more confident in your ability to shop around and locate the best and most affordable scaffolding tower for your venture. You don’t need to be a professional builder or contractor to understand this information. All you need is to remain curious and have an open mind when it comes to learning about new topics. 



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