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How much does conservatory scaffolding cost?

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Can you use scaffolding on a conservatory?

Last Updated: 7th December 2021

There are more than a few reasons why you may need to work on the exterior part of a house above a conservatory. It can be something like repainting, clearing gutters, patching up a roof or anything else, but if you’ve ever been in the situation of needing to work over a conservatory, you’ll be familiar with the limitations it places upon your movement.

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Getting the work done correctly means you’ve got to have a secure base and the ability to move your arms freely, so it makes for significant questions when it comes to access, and many of these - as our FAQ below makes clear - are related to scaffolding over a conservatory

Can you use scaffolding over a conservatory?

Using the right equipment, you can certainly erect scaffolding for support when you are working above a conservatory. You may need to use more specialised parts of equipment, which are designed for the purpose of being used in awkward areas. These will include handrails, to take account of your limited room for manoeuvre, and may require extra parts to make it possible to raise and lower the areas on which you are walking. Before using scaffolding in any complicated working space, you need to make sure you know how to use it, so it will be important to learn all you need to know from an expert. Please refrain from erecting scaffolding if you have no experience in doing so.

Why use scaffolding over a conservatory?

People use scaffolding for a myriad reasons in construction. Most of all, the convenience that it offers far outstrips the alternatives. It offers a level of safety that goes above and beyond other options. It is easy to access and walk on, and offers the kind of stability that is indispensable for precision work - such as drilling, hanging gutters and so forth. Because workers don’t need to use a steadying hand, they have full use of all of the necessary body parts. And because they don’t need to spend a long time steadying themselves, they can get more work done and not get tired as soon as those working without scaffolding.

What can you use instead of scaffolding?

The alternatives to scaffolding depend very much on the job you are doing, but they can range from working on a ladder to an access platform. Each of these has its own benefits and disadvantages: a ladder is simple to use and most people have at least one, but it doesn’t allow for a great deal of movement; an access platform is harder to get hold of and more expensive, but does allow for more freedom; access towers are prefabricated, so they’re not always a perfect fit for the job, but they do have an inbuilt guardrail; a scissor lift may also be an option, as it is easy to adjust - but they can only move up and down, and the height is limited.

When should ladders not be used?

Ladders are not ideal as a base from which to work if you are doing anything that could be considered remotely “heavy duty”. Although they can be bracketed to walls and scaffolding, ladder brackets can only support limited weight - and should never be erected anywhere above 2 metres high. Additionally a ladder should only be used when there are two people available - one to climb the ladder and the other to ensure it is stable at ground level. Even in this case, the person on the ladder should maintain three points of contact with it at all times - both feet, and one hand.

How much does conservatory scaffolding cost?

The price of scaffolding depends on a lot of different factors, which include whether you’re buying or renting it, how long you need it for, what kind of setup you’re after, and who will be using it. Chances are, it will cost less than you expect. Certainly, hiring scaffolding for one day of work will not increase the cost of the job by an amount that would make it unworkable. Find out about the cost of scaffold hire here. 

Is a conservatory roof safe to walk on?

No, absolutely not! Conservatory roofs were designed with aesthetics in mind, and while they can keep the elements out, they are not heavy-duty structures. Walking on a conservatory roof to carry out maintenance work will, in all likelihood, result in expensive damage being done to the roof, and even more expensive damage to the person who tried walking on it. It’s not safe, it’s not necessary, it’s simply not a good idea. For the sake of a day’s scaffolding hire, it’s really not worth it.

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